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Fifty years ago, we began by manufacturing the first PVC plumbing systems.  Today we've branched into gutters, fencing, railing, and deck flooring.  We continue to produce the highest quality PVC products in each industry, and our customers continue to entrust their reputations to the name "Genova".


 Robert F. Williams epitomized the word "entrepreneur,” characterized by constantly evolving ideas and endless vision. R.F was a hard worker who came up the hard way. Born in England, he immigrated to the United States in 1923.


 When, in 1945, R.F. realized he would never achieve his dreams while employed with General Motors, he resigned and opened a small appliance retail and repair business. Despite long hours of operation, R.F.’s appliance business was unprofitable.


 Never one to give up, he continued on, and secured his Master Plumber's license.  He found an old gravel pit on a dirt road, filled it in, and built a small wooden shed on it out of which he sold plumbing in what would be the forerunner of today's warehouse discount stores.


Eventually, Genesee Plumbing & Heating Supply Company grew into a respected and prosperous business.  While contemplating retirement, R.F. devised a complete plumbing waste system and submitted a bid to supply plastic plumbing materials for re-locatable houses set for installation at air force bases.


 A few years after landing the contract, Genova Products was born and is today one of the largest suppliers of plastic plumbing and building products in the U.S.A.  One man’s vision inspired the formation of an entirely new industry, and today, we continue that work, but have taken the knowledge and expertise in manufacturing plumbing products and applied it to our building materials lines of durable PVC products.  Our vinyl decking and railing products have gained ICC approval and all building materials exceed national building code requirements and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.  Many of these have been featured on the DIY network.



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